Ok, so I forgot to share our airport experience. The line was long to get through x-ray, but went pretty fast. They checked our photo ID and boarding passes three times before we got through all the x-ray stuff.
1. Everyone has to take off their shoes, jackets, belts…

2. Absolutly no liquid, unless it is medicine or already made baby formula. No water, no juice- nothing. even if it is still sealed. I wonder how much more the airports are making on bottles of water and soda! If you have any kind of lotion, shampoos or makeup, you must take them out of your bag and show them to the people. If they are more than 3 oz they are thrown away and if they don’t fit into a clear one gallon zip lock bag they are thrown away! Good thing Burbank airport was giving the zip lock bags away or else I would have had to throw away my hand lotion and sunscreen I had in my diaper bag. I had to throw away my stinkin’ diaper rash cream- it was over 3 oz! The lady told me if i didn’t want to throw it away, I could simply check my bag!
I think “someone” should stand there and take the sealed stuff as a donation. People were throwing away juice boxes, water bottles, soda bottles… all sealed and new. What a waste.
3. Take your computer out of its case and put it in the x-ray machine by itself. I remember last Christmas I am pretty sure we had to show that is turned on and off, but not this time.
So it wasn’t too bad except that after taking off all the stuff- shoes and jackets, putting the stroller through x-ray… it took me a while to get myself put back together. Did I mention that Avery had to take her shoes off too?

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  1. i don’t understand why you would have to take off shoes. maybe if they had metal in them, but if they went through the metal detector without beeping you could stash whatever they’re looking in your pants pocket just as easily. i’ve never had to take off my chucks or vans.

  2. There was an American on a plane from Paris to NY that was trying to light some exposives that were in shoes a while ago. Now we all have to take off our shoes- even the babies!

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