Charlie Bucket & Willie Wonka

Avery finished Charlie & the Chocolate Factory- finally. It took her a lost 3 months! She did read a lot of book in-between. She took the AR (accelerated reader) test at school and passed. She was very excited to earn 5 points- previously the books she’s read are .5 to 1.0 points. She really liked the book. Her favorite characters are the Oompa Loompas because of all the fun songs they sing! When I asked her what she would tell someone about the book who hadn’t read the book, she replied “it’s full of natural consequences.” Well, that’s true!

I told her when she finished we would watch both Wonka movies. We watched the old one first. I didn’t expect her to finish the book so early, so I wasn’t prepared with the movies- oopsy. We borrowed a copy of the older version and watched it on Saturday night. She LOVED it. She kept pointing out “that was in the book,” “who is is that, he wasn’t in the book!” “I didn’t think he’d look like that.” At one dramatic part of the movie I asked her “what’s going to happen?” she answered, “I don’t know, it wasn’t in the book!” It was great!!! Yes, we ate some chocolate during the movie!

We won’t be able to watch the newer version of the movie till Spring Break, a week away. I’m looking forward to it, I know she is too!!

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