we’re all home now

Sitting on the airplane

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Yes, we made it back! Avery and I survived four plane take offs and landing in less than a week. We left Saturday for Washington to visit my sister and her family and returned on Thursday afternoon. Dan left Saturday, 5 minutes before us, for a conference in San Francisco. So, we got to got to the airport together but we were taking off from different terminals.
Avery got a pretty bad cold when we got there from the plane, I think. It was aweful. The worst one yet- yucky green goop. She was whiney and wanted to be held a lot, but she slept well, so…
Avery did a great job on the plane- slept a little bit. Luckily we had a row of three seats twice and two seats on the other two!
This is a picture of Avery on the way home.

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  1. so does that mean you can choose “1st class” seats? I figured you still had to sit in the “regular” seats.

  2. No, all the seats are the same! Only snacks and drinks too- no real food. You can bring your own though.

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