V-Day with Sawyer

Sawyer and I spent the most the Valentine’s Day together. We hung out and did Valentine-y stuff all day, even after we picked Avery up. A fun “hearts and kisses day.”

I took Sawyer to his school so he could participate in the Valentine's Day Party. THy decorated heart cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles. He ate every last crumb, he did share one bite with me.
Sawyer put his own Valentines in each of the "mailboxes" his classmates had made. He loved that he was able to fill the mailboxes. He had me read the name on each mailbox before he out his Valentine in it.
Sawyer's Valentines. He picked out the bubbles and the cards. I helped him put it all together. They turned out awesome!
Sawyer took home his Valentine mailbox. He was very excited to go through it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many non-candy Valentines he received. He liked the pencils the best, he used them like drumsticks.

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