“best valentine’s day ever”

Avery was very excited for this special day. Not sure what she expected was going to happen, but she did have a great day. Avery told me, “it was the best valentine’s day ever.”

In the morning the kids got a little treat from Dan and I- they each got a box of See’s chocolates and a new toothbrush. The gifts were a hit. They each got a new crisp $5 bill from my parents. Avery put hers away since she’s saving to buy a bike. Sawyer kept his to spend at Disneyland.

Avery got an extra special gift from an admirer. Her gift was a Rapunzel Barbie Doll that really sings! She was over the moon when she realized the doll sang. For a while now she’s been asking for a Rapunzel Doll that sings. THe one she originally wanted was a tall one, but this Barbie one sings and lights up!! Her admirer is a friend that we don’t get to see all that often now, since the kids are in school and life it busy. When we make time to hang out, we pick right up where we left off. THe kids get along famously!!

The special Valentine gift.

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