a bit of tinkering

This afternoon we took the kids to “Tinkering Zone” that is sponsored by The Discovery Center. It’s an interactive exhibit that will only be around till next week. I am so glad we decided to go today. It was way better than I expected and well worth the $20 for our family to go. Science is so cool!!

IMO the best part of the exhibit. Avery made her very own whirligig with gears. When you turn the handle the flower grows, then gets shorter again. It was really fun help her make. She wants to enter this in to the Fair in the summer. Good idea!
Sawyer spent a lot of time at this station. He chose what he wanted to use to roll down the ramp. He had a car, a marble and big bouncy ball. He rolled them down the ramp, but it was too slow. So I showed him how to raise the ramp. He loved that! Then he got a small bottle to put at the end of the ramp to knock over. I love that he got the huge popcorn box to catch the stuff he rolled down the ramp.
There was a "Marble Wall" (a peg board with pegs, tubes, funnels and clothespins) to build a marble maze. It was hard to build, but we did have success.
Sawyer thought it was great that he had the control to start and stop the motor from spinning with a simple connection.
Playing with air. There was a table full of materials (cups, crepe paper, coffee filters, pipe cleaners…. and tape to make it all stick together) for the kids (& adults) to make contraptions to see how they'd float, sink or flip through the air with the fan forcing air on them. It was a good experiment. At first Avery's was to heavy, so she took some parts off, then hers floated right out of the top. She caught it and started again.
Avery played the virtual harp. It was too big to play the right way but still very fun.
After all that science, we went to dinner. Yes, this is a picture of a picture that was already blurry.

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