it’s tough

Avery tried out for the District Talent Show a few weeks ago. It was all her- she picked the song (Here Comes the Sun) and practiced on her own. I asked a friend to help her with the arrangement of the verses. She did a good job during the audition. She was confident, loud enough and really did do a good job. There was a judge who played the piano. She took Avery to the piano, they practiced for a bit- the judge on the piano and Avery singing along. It was nice to listen to. I was proud of her and she had fun. It was a good audition.

We got the letter in the mail that she wasn’t chosen to participate in the talent show this year. I was disappointed, but it’s understandable. While we were there we saw 8 acts audition, one kid on the piano, 2 bands, the other 5 were singers. Not sure how many people tried out, but I’d bet there were a lot of singers. She was heartbroken, sad and mad. She just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t chosen to sing in the talent show. I was sad for her. I reminded her that she had a great audition and the show couldn’t have too many singers performing. They had to pick only a few kids to sing in the show. I also reminded her that there’s still the school talent show that will be in May. She’s already planning what she’s going to sing.

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