12-17 & 18, 3 holiday shows

We arrived in Boise late on Friday night. But there was a lot to do on Saturday & Sunday….

SHOW # 1 Avery & I (along with my mom & dad, Lacey, my sister Mardi, her two son- Jack & Josh) saw the musical version of A Christmas Carol. It was great, very entertaining and kept our attention. We were in the 2nd row. Only problem was that there were two little girls sitting behind us that kept whispering very loudly to their moms. It was very distracting.

SHOW # 2 Saturday evening we went to the last show of “The (Best) Worst Christmas Ever.” I read the book when I was a kid (maybe 10) so I was familiar with the story, but didn’t remember all the details. It was a really fun show. Only drawback was that we were in the 4th row, which was the last row that wasn’t on a riser. So Avery couldn’t see well, but the people behind us had no problem with her kneeling on her chair. That helped make the show more enjoyable for all of us around her!

Funny side note- no drinks allowed in the theater, except water and juice boxes. So if you bought a soda, beer or wine during the intermission and didn’t finish during intermission, you had to buy a plastic souvenir cup with a lid, to put your beverage in. I saw a lot of people sipping wine, beer and Mike’s Hard Lemonade out of “sippie cups.” A little ghetto…

SHOW #3 – We went to Prairie Dog Theater for our 4th show there. It’s a theater group that writes and performs “music melodrama parody theater.” There’s a lot of audience participation- boo, yeah, random songs… too funny. This time they took the story of “A Christmas Carol” and called is “Scrooge: Older but Miser.” Each show has Elvis in it somewhere, this time Elvis was the host of Christmas present. He sat in his chair and was mesmerized the entire time.

3 great holiday shows in 2 days- only in Boise.

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