Mad at Kumon

Today I took the kids I pick up after school to Kumon, a tutoring type place near the $.99 Store. They go once a week, but do “homework” from there every other day of the week!
Today we went rite after school, because it’s not as crowded at that time. Everything was going fine, all was calm until this lady came in with her 7 year old twins, they go to the same school as “my kids.” The girl came in and got to work, the boy, Matthew, on the other hand… came in loud and tromping his way through the place.
The first thing the kids do is turn their work and get the new packets for the upcoming week. Matthew got his new packets. He went through the new packets and decided he wasn’t happy. He tried to give back the packets he didn’t want to the guy, Randy, behind the desk. Randy tried to explain that Matthew had to take the packets and do them in order. Matthew was not having it, he wouldn’t take the packets and began to cry. His mother by the way was about 2 feet away talking to the lady in charge of Kumon! Finally she realizes there is a problem and takes Matthew outside to “talk” to him. Matthew came back in, pissed, sits down and gets to work. His mom came in to get the packets he didn’t want, Matthew never apologized to Randy…
It was pure comedy!

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