first trimester

We had Avery’s parent/teacher conference last week. She has officially successfully survived the first trimester of first grade with no problem. We were very happy with her “grades.” They are able to earn 1 (minimal progress), 2 (progressing toward grade level standards) or 3 (regularly meets or exceeds grade level standards). She earned mostly 3s, 2+s, & a few 2s.

We were very happy with her academics. She needs put a bit more effort in her “personal and citizenship skills.” That means she talks too much. I know, she has a lot to say… not sure where she gets that from.

Her teacher had good things to say about her- good attitude towards learning, tries hard and enjoys school. I hope all her teachers say this about her as time goes on.

I took them to Chuck E Cheese after the conference for a bit of fun.

We decided to give her a dress-up outfit and a new notebook as a reward for working hard and finishing the first trimester with a good report from the teacher. It was a simple college rule, spiral notebook with a plastic pink cover. She went ape crazy when she saw the notebook. She was so excited to have a new notebook to write stories it. Got to love her enthusiasm.

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