First time for everything…

This afternoon Avery and I went swimming and or the first time Avery pooped in her water diaper. I could tell she was pooping by “the look” on her face.  No, nothing fell out or anything like that. We just got out of the pool and walked home.
Considering how many times we have been swimming this summer we have been pretty lucky.

I am now very glad we use the disposable kind.


It was pretty gross.

4 responses to “First time for everything…”

  1. that’s a good argument against swim diapers. if the poop floated out, you’d know and could clear the pool and run for the hills. but with the diaper, plenty of water flows in and out with the escence of poo.

  2. Uh, OK?
    With the reusbale kind of swim diapers, you simply get the diaper off- which is hard enough as it is when it’s all wet, and wash it. Totally gross, even though it is washed. No thank you. I would rather throw the whole stinkin’ thing away.

    Hopefully you are paying enough attention to your kid in the water to notice the “I’m pooping” face or body language. Or no need to wear a diaper at all if it’s going to float away… might as well go comando!

  3. yeah, not really sure about those swim diapers. Savannah has actually pooped in the pool….with a swim diaper on of course, but I wasn’t….and still am not convinced they really do anything. I mean like Nathan said, water does flow in and out…..Like Sara is was bad….liquid poop basically.

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