Pray for Kelsi

Kelsi in one of Avery’s little friends. She is two weeks younger than Avery. Kelsi has reddish hair, blue eyes, a big smile and chubby cheeks.

About a week ago Kelsi began to swell up. Her mom, Heather, took her to the doctor and they did a few tests… not cancer, kidney or liver problems. The swelling got worse. Kelsi wasn’t able to move much since she was so swollen. She was admitted to CMH on Thursday and let go on Saturday. Well, Sunday she got worse- not eating or drinking. She is now at UCLA with an IV. Kelsi can’t move around because she is hooked up to so many machines. I magine telling a one year old to sit ALL DAY! The docs are talking about doing exploratry surgery on this little 15 month old. SCARY. Heather is a single mom, lives with her parents in Ventura.
Please pray for Heather and Kelsi, that they are able to come home soon- healthy.

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  1. And are they are SURE that it’s not nephrotic syndrome (aka minimal change disease)? Ask them to ask their doctor to test for that. Takes more than just one urine test. A lot of doctors (believe it or not) do not test for that when a kid comes in swollen because the kid does not fit the typical profile. However, more and more kids are getting nephrotic syndrome without any reason why. Keep me updated!

  2. Thank you Kristi- I will call Heather in the morning and tell her ask about it. The exploratory surgery is for her digestive tract and there abouts. They think it may be a problem there. I just hope they get an answer soon and FIX IT. Let you guys know when I know anything. Thanks for the paryers.

  3. **UPDATE**
    Monday evening Kelsi had a blood tranfusion, because of all the blood they have been taking to do tests. Tuesday the docs put a tube down her throat to see what was going on down there and saw some abnormal bumbs in her digestive tract. They are being biopsed (sp?) and will have the results on Thursday. Today Kelso can finally eat real food and has no IV in her arms, which means she can now move around. Heather is doing okay but they won’t let anyone stay the night but her since it is too corwded and Kelsi is sharing a room. Please pray that they can come home soon. Thanks.

  4. Hurray, Kelsi & Heather are home now. It endedup that Kelsi had an adverse reaction to eggs & milk. Lisa was right! The docs had never seen anything like this. They are going to use is as an example and stuff. Crazy.
    No idea if she will grow out of it- hopefully. Thanks for all the prayers.

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