hair today, gone tomorrow

I did it! I’ve been talking about doing it for a few months, and today I did it!

really long hair

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t done anything to my hair besides trimming it, not often enough, since before I was pregnant with Sawyer- that’s 4 years! I know I got all the colored hair cut off when he was 3 months old. It’s time for a change!

I chopped it.

I was tired of having long hair. It would get caught in the seatbelt when I was getting out of the car, get caught when I rolled up the window in the car, it got in the way when I was brushing my teeth (I had tout in a bun to brush my teeth). When sleeping I would have to grab all my hair in order to roll over, so I wouldn’t choke myself with hair! It got to be too annoying.

picture I took in the car. I’ll get a better one later.

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