ice skates

Both kids are taking a session of ice skating. Yes, an off-the-wall sport, but they are both enjoying it. Oh, how I wish this statement were true.

Avery took lessons a year ago. By the end of the 8 lessons she was doing great- skating (off the wall), spinning in a circle and really enjoying herself.

Avery ice skating a year ago.

They’ve had 3 lessons so far and she is barely getting off the wall. It’s so frustrating!! When I asked her what the holdup is, she told me the ice is slippery!
Sawyer is doing really well. He’s able to go forward (marching), hold onto a pool noodle (but in half) and hit a toy on the ice- kind of like hockey. As soon as I et on the ice with him for the practice time, he needs me to help him the whole time.

Let’s see what happens at the next lesson…

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