“Music fills my heart with joy.” Avery 9-3-11

Avery’s in taking her second semester of “music for the young child” through kindermusik this fall & winter. This semester she is learning to play the glockenspiel (like a xylophone). It’s a class of only 8 kids, she’s the oldest in the class, the only first grader. The teacher is fabulous and works really well with Avery. Best part is, Avery loves her, the class and playing the glockenspiel.

\"The Symphony\" on the glockenspiel

She’s enjoying the glockenspiel and all the ‘dings’ it makes. She likes to practice the song on the keyboard then on the glockenspiel. We are glad she’s enjoying the music class. Hopefully it will lead into learning the piano or violin. She told me recently she wanted to play the harp! We’ll see…

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