The end of WB

Water babies with dad

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We are officially done with Water Babies for the year. We are sad becuase WB was a big part of our summer. Avery improved so much in the water, I can’t wait to see what she does in the water next summer.
Dan was able to take Avery to the last WB class of the summer on Friday. Avery even braved the diving board twice- with a little help of coarse!

Thanks Cookie, we love you!

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  1. I’m a little slow here, and since I haven’t seen her swim since the beginning of summer, please explain what Water Babies teach small children like Avery. Can Avery just go jump in and swim? Or if you are in the water with her and let go, can she swim? Or is it all about floating and holding her breath at this age?

  2. WB = Water Babies
    The point on the class is not to teach the babies to swim but to get them aquainted or comfortable with the water. The hope is that the kids can get in and out of the water by themsleves- not always being held (using the stairs), blow bubbles, put their heads under, begin to float on their front and back, reach & pull (freestyle arms), kick their feet, jump in feet first… the list goes on. we basically did the same thing at every class; hokey pokey, if you’re happy & you know it, “laps-” reach & pull, kick on the wall… The class is for kids ages 6 months to three years, the next class up is called Happy Face (HF) and it is designed for 3 to 5 year olds. Hope to see you there soon…

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