first days….

Both kids had their “first day of school” this week.

Sawyer will be in preschool on Mondays & Thursdays from 8 to 12. He started on Monday. We all took him on his first day. He knew that he was going to school and was excited. He had no problem with us leaving him there. Avery and I had the morning to ourselves! It was great. We went to IHOP for breakfast, then hit up the thrift store and then the mall.

Playing already. He had fun.

Avery’s first day of first grade was on Tuesday. She was very excited to go back to school. We found out who her teacher will be and who will be in her class that morning. She was excited about a few names and not as excited about a few more names. I told her that she can play with her friends at recess, no problem.

Excited to start first grade!!

It was a long day without her. Sawyer kept telling me, “wait, wait for sissy,” when we were leaving the house. I had remind him a few times that she was at school. It was nice to pick her up from school, she was all smiles and informed me that all of her homework was for me to do! Paperwork!!

After school we went out for a quick treat- son cones!

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