Water baby

I have been able to take Avery to a water babies class about 3 times a week at VC for the last 5 weeks. She has always loved the water but now she is totally crazy in the water. She puts her head down and begins to move her arms and legs. The only problem is she doesn’t seem to come up for air. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep going swimming throughout the year so that next summer she’ll be able to do more on her own. I know she won’t be “water safe” but closer to it. Thanks Cookie.

5 responses to “Water baby”

  1. Thats so cool. Quinn hasn’t been in the pool much so he is still pretty tenative. Joey was more like Avery at this age so I kind of feel like I jipped him. See you friday! (and tonight)

  2. Levi will get there. She is also so young she has no idea the water could be dangerous or scary. He has the brains to know it can be. Just keep going swimming as much as you can. No “boogie board” though!

  3. I am SO impressed! I’ve been swimming with my 4 year old nephew and HE can’t swim as well as your lil pumpkin! Good work Sara and Dan!

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