Seven Continents

This summer I decided we would explore the seven continents and make a lap book for each one. Avery loves maps so I knew she’d be interested in it.

My parents gave the kids a National Geographic Animal Atlas a few months ago. It was perfect for this project. It is divided by continent then divided into sections by animals & ecosystems, which covers weather and

Kids Animal Atlas

Found this Wee Sing tape & songbook at the library. Perfect! It’s divided up into 6 sections (all the continents except Antarctica). It’s fun to listen to and sing along with the songs, then talk about the country it came from. Each song had a little info on the country or the history of the song.

Wee Sing Around the World

I plan on exploring some foods from each continent, either at a restaurant and making some stuff at home too. We’ll at least taste test a few foods from around the world this summer.

Who knows what other resources we’ll be using. We are traveling around the world this summer…

(dorky, I know)

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  1. Thanks Larissa!! I saw the link you posted on your blog and added it to my RSS. The boxes she put together look great. 

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