This summer I decided we would “visit” the seven continents. We started off with Antarctica. There’s really not much there… lots of ice, water and animals. We went to the library and found a few books on Antarctica. We watched a movie on Netflix about the animals that live in Antarctica from National Geographic. It was a little slow, but watching the animals swim was neat.

We read “Eve of the Emperor Penguin” in the Magic Treehouse series. It was a good book, every night Avery wanted me to read “just more chapter.”

The lap book ended up a little sparse, but it was our first one we made and we are happy with it. Avery liked organizing it and taping and gluing the papers down. She was proud to show Dan when it was all put together.

A's Antarctica Lap Book.
The inside of her Antarctica book- a little dismal.
The pages flip open to show more to show more info & pictures.

Now we are off to “visit” North America.

2 responses to “Antarctica”

  1. Do you have a globe?  Be sure to tell Avery each of you 3 girls were born on a different continent.

  2. We have a good map, but no globe yet. I saw one at Costco a while ago, but I went back to get it, it was gone. I’ll keep my eyes open for another one. 

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