kids camp & field trip

While we were at Hume and Avery went to Day Camp and Sawyer went Day Care a few times. There were two sessions each day; 9 to noon & 6:30 – 8:30. Each session had a theme and the counselors dressed up. Avery loved going each time, Sawyer said he didn’t want to go, but was happy each time we picked him up.

Sawyer having fun at day care. He saw me when I took this picture, but didn't want to come to me, just kept walking.

While the kids were at Day Camp/Day Care Dan and I just hung out. Each night we got a milkshake and just talked, played Boggle and walked around. It was glorious!!

One morning Dan and I took a “field trip.” We went on a tour with over the hills around Hume Lake. Dan loved driving the Samurai around in the dirt, over bumps and dips. We got dirty and saw some awesome vistas.

ready for an adventure
Behind us is Sandy Cove where we played at the beach. Beautiful!


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  1. Loved it—the next best thing to being there.  So very nice being a part of your life without travel and intrusion.  Great pictures too. 

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