The Cove

We spent a lot of time at Sandy Cove while we were at Hume. It’s a small section of the lake where the water from up the mountain pours into the lake. We set up camp- chairs, food, tent & towels on the beach.

Sawyer really enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake. It was fine until the lake got crowded…

The “beach” at the lake was Avery’s favorite part of the trip. She went right into the lake and stayed there for just about the whole time we were there. She loved swimming across the lake from shore to shore with the life jacket on.

Avery loved playing in the water.

Avery says Hume Lake is her favorite place to be and she wants to go there for her birthday. Her birthday is in another 10 months.

It was hot! I froze the juice boxes, 4 min in the sun and they were a nice slush.

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