It’s Official- we are W.T.

Playing in the fountain

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On Saturday afternoon we were going to go to the Aquatic Center but before that we went to the mall for lunch and to return some stuff. As we were leaving the mall, we spied the fountain. There were already a few kids playing in the fountain so… why not? We had all of Avery’s stuff to go swimming in the car already.
She liked the cold water. Dan “helped” her get wet and when we got home Avery took a good nap.

Hey- at least we didn’t lay out!

2 responses to “It’s Official- we are W.T.”

  1. fun stuff. my friend in San Diego does that too, but she just has her boy in a swim diaper and sandals so he kind of looks like a goob. We like to play in our clothes 🙂

  2. Is playing in the fountain WT? Sam and I used to do it in front of the Holiday Inn a lot.

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