garage sale find

The kids and I went out “garage sale-ing” last Saturday. Avery had $2 to spend and only spent 50 cents. We didn’t find too many “treasures.” We did hit book bonanza for Avery. She’ll be set for the rest of the summer now.

I did find a super cool set of Magnetix. It seemed like all the pieces were there, it was $2 so I bought it. The next morning both kids sat and played with them. Avery built stuff, while Sawyer just wanted to make a “mass” of magnet. I had them play on the new Ikea table I recently got them, it has a small lip on it, that helped the magnets not roll on the ground so much. Somehow I few find the floor, the balls are like marbles, they start to bounce and take off.

fun with magnetix

Avery and I built a few 3d shapes. She liked the cone the best- you know because ice cream goes in it!

concentrating on a new creation

They played for about 20 minutes before they had to clean up for breakfast. Sawyer played with them later on in the week with me. This time we wanted to make a really long snake, which was fine till he tried to pick it up! Balls bouncing everywhere!!

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