Cars 3d

We took the kids to see Cars 2 in 3D. We watched the original Cars movie the day before, but Sawyer didn’t watch much of it. We should have tried a few days beforehand and watched it on the iPad. For some reason he’ll sit and watch a show or two on the iPad with no problem, but a show or movie in the big TV he only watches for 10 minutes if we are lucky.

ready for the show

We went to the first showing at 10am. We got our popcorn, candy and drinks ready… the previews started. Everyone was happy and munching away. After 30 minutes of previews, the movie started. When going to the movies with a 2 year you don’t have all that much calm and attentive screen time…. 30 minutes was wasted on the previews!

We didn’t realize it but Sawyer just kept eating the popcorn and candy… till he had a little sugar high. Poor kid… I took him out an hour into the movie, but he was adamant about seeing the movie. So I went back in with him and he tested out a few seats in the front row. Then we went back to Dan and he promptly fell asleep on Dan’s shoulder, this was around 11:30!

asleep at the movies

I had a few people ask how I liked the movie and would I recommend it? My kids are on two extremes when it comes to movie watching. Avery, who is 6 now, really liked it. She liked the spies; their funny names, disguises, special stuff they could do and accents. Her favorite character was the girl spy, she didn’t have a favorite part. Sawyer watched it, but didn’t “get” it. He liked the fast cars and it was a cartoon. There was one part was “intense” that, I guess some kids might get scared and not know how to react- might give them anxiety. But Avery was fine with it and Sawyer was asleep by that time.

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