mouse potato?

Mirriam webster added about 100 new words to its dictionary today. The news says it has to be a word that is a part of “everyday” speech or has “staying power.” Some of the words I’ve never even heard of…

Some words added; unibrow, drama queen, bling, himbo, google (as a verb), soul patch, gastric bypass, ringtone, super size, spyware and of coarse, mouse potato!!
There are people (lexicographers) who are paid to sit there and decide which words to add to a dictionary! I wonder if they ever drop any words.

2 responses to “mouse potato?”

  1. becoming a mouse potato is often the only outlet for the sandwich generation.

  2. Hmmmm… gastric bypass and super size were both added during the same year. What does that say about our culture. Oye!

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