opposite twins

Avery made a few really good friends in her kindergarten class. Her BFF is Abby though. Abby has come home from school with us a few times to play and Avery’s been to her house a lot to play too. They get along so well, I love having Abby around. Even better she likes Sawyer and Sawyer lover her!!

Avery & Abby- opposite twins

A while ago Avery told me that she was opposite twins with Abby. Well, I had to ask what she meant by that. She told me;

* Both of our names start with ‘A’ and end in ‘Y.’

* I am tall and she is short.

* I have light hair and her hair is dark.

* We are best friends, almost like sisters.

* We both speak Spanish and English. (Abby speaks a lot of Spanish, she grew up in Honduras till she was 4).

I thought those were all valid reasons for them to be “opposite twins.”

Abby & Avery- snuggle up to watch a movie.

I look forward to Abby & Avery being friends for a very long time.

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