bee sting

We were at the park this afternoon hanging out with a few friends when Sawyer comes running over to me, crying, not breathing in a  lot of pain…. bee sting. I figured out it was on his foot, he was laying on his back throwing his feet in the air…. I couldn’t find anything wrong. Thankfully my friend was there and grabbed his feet and looked all over for the stinger, there it was on his left foot under his pinky toe. She got it out, but poor Sawyer was in pain!!

I just held him, he was crying and wanted to “go home.” He asked me to kiss it, and I did. It was about time for us to leave to pick up Avery from school, so we had to go pick her up. He calmed down by the time we got there. He still just wanted to go home.

When we got home he took a his nap, a long nap, he was exhausted from his “trauma.”

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