food service

This afternoon I took the kids to a local food bank to help pass out some food. I talked to Avery about the food bank- what it was, who would be there and why, before we went. When we got there she got a little shy and wanted to go inside to play games- there was a “day care” room for the kids. I explained that she needed to “work” first, then she could go inside. I told her she needed to empty two boxes before going inside. She stopped complaining and got to “work.”

Our job was to hand out the Chinese lettuce. It was large and wet. Averu did a great job asking if they wanted one or two- all in Spanish. I did have to remind her to respond when people said “thank you.” It’s something that I have to remind her daily- respond when people talk to you!

handing out lettuce

Sawyer even began to help out too. They loved seeing Sawyer hand out the food. He got a lot high-fives and hair ruffles. He was so focused on asking if they wanted two or not, he wouldn’t answer the people asking him questions.

Sawyer helped too.

As the afternoon went on Sawyer started to really help out. His favorite job was dumping the oranges into boxes and bags.

Sawyer's favorite job…. dumping oranges into the boxes.
Sawyer got hungry while we were there. I didn't bring any snacks with me… I looked around there were carrots, tomatoes and oranges. I peeled an orange and we shared it. Avery didn't (chose not to) have a snack at all.

I was surprised and impressed with both kids during the 90 minutes we were there. Avery didn’t whine and Sawyer didn’t scream. Progress!!

I really hope we can make this a family activity that we can volunteer at more often. I loved how well organized it was, that the kids were able to help (or not) and that we were welcomed, given a job and appreciated.


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