Should be napping.

Should be napping.

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I put Avery down for a nap (again) and about 20 minutes later I heard the jack hammer going. The neighbor has had some kind of problem with their gas. So once again the gas company was out there with their jackhammer. I went outside to check it out, and I look up and what to my wondering eyes should I see- but sweet baby Avery looking out the window to check out the action. I was laughing but annoyed too. She did finally lay down and take a nap.

4 responses to “Should be napping.”

  1. haven’t you seen those scary movies where the house guest arrives and glaces up to see an obscured face staring down at them, then quickly disappears? then the music gets this earie feeling as the future victim looks up questioningly, then the talking other people draw him/her back into their conversation as they all walk off to the someplace else, but the person takes one last look before getting in the car.

  2. Don’t come in our home… could be dangerous. There is a prisoner upstairs… creepy!

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