first visit from the tooth fairy

Finally, Avery has lost a tooth. She’s been waiting and waiting. Seems like just about all of her friends have lost a tooth.

On Friday her tooth was so loose. She could twist from side to side and front to back, but it still hung on. She was too scared to just yank it out….
On Saturday morning she started to fiddle with it again. She let Dan try and out it came!! She was so excited and surprised that it didn't hurt!!
She went to right to work and wrote this note to the tooth fairy. I love that she taped the tooth onto the paper. She left it out on her stuffed chair with a pencil, just in case the tooth fairy wanted to write back to her- thinking ahead.
She was very excited about what the tooth fairy left for her. The tooth fairy did write back to her, "the first tooth is very special."

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  1. Thanks guys. She was so excited, she wanted to go take a nap that very minute. We told her that the tooth fairy only comes at night. Dan thought of the $2 bill. After this she’ll get just regular $1, maybe 4 quarters!

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