sleepy day…

I decided not to take any meds last night- I am running low and I knew we didn’t have much planned for today. Wow, I forgot how much the medicine really does help me get through the day. I was tired & sleepy ALL day long.

I took Avery and Sawyer to a local church to see their musical show at 9am. I barely made it through the show, I was starting to bob my head at the end. We came home and I felt like I could take a nap right then, it was 10:30.

Dan took us to the mall to get a few things, have lunch and hit Trader Joes. Good thing I didn’t have to drive home, I would not have made it. We got home at 1:30, and I went straight to bed. I was “dead to the world” till 3:30. Thankfully Dan took care of everything at home- both kids napped today.

It was exhausting to just “be” today! So glad I have found this wonder drug, just hope I am able to keep taking it…. should have an answer tomorrow.

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