My Birthday…

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9 responses to “My Birthday…”

  1. We’re both July babies! What year were you born? (or is that too personal for a public weblog?)

  2. sorry Im bugged……I didn’t think everyone would go and get a blingyblob on the same day! I know it’s lame. But hell its late!

  3. um…so you totally stole or should I say ripped off my “blingyblob”. Sorry kind of bugged…could have waited a day to steal my thunder. Sorry it’s late…and I’m bugged

  4. ok so I sounded really lame! And why are there like 15 comments from me…..weird! Seriuosly didn’t comment that much. But whe all should do something for the our big days…..I’m not big birthday party person but should gather at pool at do something….

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