a doggone good time…

We spent the afternoon at the park celebrating Avery’s 6th birthday with her school friends. Out of 23 kids who were invited, 10 showed up. It turned out great!

It took her forever to decide, but she finally did. It was a “doggie” themed party. She made the invitations using doggie stamps. She chose wore her “life is ruff” shirt. She wanted to give each person a dog bowl to eat out of… that didn’t happen.

The kids decorated dog tags with small jewels. It was fun to watch them make the dog tags, then wear them around.

I made sugar cookies in the shape of dogs and dog bones. Every kid got one of each. I had frosting, sprinkles, M&Ms and mini chocolate chips. The cookies turned out yummy and kept their shapes. The kids liked spreading their own frosting, then decorating them.

Sawyer went a little wild with the sprinkles…

The funniest part was when Sawyer was done with his cookie, he was very concerned that it was going to “blow away”. He wanted me to throw it “in trash.’

Happy Birthday Avery

The goodie bags were actually “doggie bags.” Avery and I colored in a paw print on each one. We kept it simple- a bouncy ball, a ring pop, a mini pack of M&Ms, 2 Starburst and a bag of “puppy chow” that we made. That puppy chow is SO good!!

Word got out that Avery likes crafts. She got 6 craft kits as presents. They should keep her busy through the summer…

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