Mothers Day 2011

Hoping all the moms, step-moms, foster moms, aunts, grandmas…. had a wonderful day being celebrated and appreciated for who you are and what you do. I am wondering why Mothers Day doesn’t happen more often? Once a month maybe?

I, myself,  had a wonderful day! Dan took care of the kids this morning so I could sleep in a little. Then he made chocolate chip pancakes- I love when he makes these pancakes. Then we went to visit Dan’s mom for a bit. She was happy with the plant and picture magnet we made her.

Then we hit the road! Dan drove us to the Santa Monica Pier. We had a fabulous time- best part was that Sawyer was tall enough to go on almost all the rides, and Avery was tall enough to escort him on the rides that he couldn’t go on by himself. The wrist bands were $16, we definitely got our moneys worth!

We played a few games too- we came home with 4 new stuffed animals!! Hopefully we’ll be getting rid of a few stuffed animals too… but I doubt it.

I won Smufette!!
2 crazy pilots

I could not believe all the rides these two went on! The scariest one for me was the “sea dragon.” I didn’t want Sawyer to ride it. “Ship moves back and forth in a 180 degree ark.” You know where you are sitting and completely horizontal to the ground 25 feet up in the air. HE LOVED IT and ride it twice in a row. He laughed and laughed, we could hear him screaming, “high, high, high…”

Thank you Dan, Avery and Sawyer for giving me the best Mothers Day to date. Love you lots.

Thank you Dan. I love you.

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  1.  Awe Nick!! We are making memories!! Hope to make some memories with you guys in VEGAS!! Avery already has the trip planned… CIRCUS CIRCUS baby!!

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