6th birthday

This weekend Avery turned 6. She was so excited to finally be 6….

She had a few gifts to open first thing in the morning.
Dan took her out to buy donuts. She ate 3- gag!

The morning was “Avery & Mom Time” and the afternoon was “Dad & Avery Time.” We let her pick what she wanted to do all day- with options. After our sugary breakfast we went  Home Depot to build a flower pot seat, and got a drink too.

She built a flower pot & got a free drink (more sugar)
She then hit up Michaels to spend her $10 gift card. She ended up only spending half of it on a large pink glass jewel. She carried it around with her ALL day.

We had time to waste, so I took her to Payless in hopes of finding some shoes. She did find one pair, on clearance for $11 (regularly $26!). Since it was B1G1 1/2 off, we threw in a necklace too. The plan was to share the necklace…

She chose to go to Lakeshore. They was an "Artists Event" going on. She made a collage, modern art, sculpture, decorated a purse and a self portrait. We were there over an hour!
She chose Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. When I asked her why there, she told me that she wanted to get a pink seahorse "stick" in her drink. There's also a great playground there for the kids to play on while waiting.

After lunch Avery and Dan took off. Her choice- Chuck E Cheese! Dan bought her a card to use on what ever she wanted. When the card was empty she chose to head over to her friends birthday party. I am really glad she chose to go there instead of doing something else.

Sawyer and I met up with Avery and Dan at the softball fields. We had our last makeup game. We lost by 2 in the last inning- boo!

After our softball game we went out for pizza. We sang and enjoyed cupcakes @ Toppers

Avery told us she had a great birthday. I am glad! This next week we’ll be finalizing the plans for her birthday party. We love parties!!

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