where did my baby go?

crazy, disheveled, wild, bed head hair

Finally took Sawyer in for a haircut. He has no idea what he was in for. He did really well sitting in the chair. David tried to put the towel around his neck, it tickled him too much, he couldn’t handle it. So he just had the drape over him. Sawyer did REALLY well sitting in the chair for so long.

sitting patiently
Ta-da! Who is this little boy?

Thank you David, you did a great job!!

4 responses to “where did my baby go?”

  1. Not sure why I didn’t realize or remember you had blogs going here?! Anyway, really cute!

  2. Thanks guys. He really likes putting gel in his hair now. We went to Alejandro’s on Main St in Ventura. David is the stylist. We all go to him for cuts. He’s there Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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