estrella de la semana

Finally!! Avery’s name was picked to be “star of the week.” She was convinced her name wasn’t on any of the popsicle sticks in the jar.

She wanted to make a poster, so I taped 4 12×12  pieces of scrapbook paper together. She chose a few pictures from what I had hanging around. She came up with the sentences and where to put the pictures. She was so excited to bring it to school and tape it up.

The poster Avery made for her class about herself.

On Friday she was able to bring in “things” to share. I had to limit her to 5 items. She chose;

* the brown bear we found in grandpa’s (Dan’s dad) car- we think it was for her, but he never had the chance to give it to her. She named him “Cubby.”

* Kirsten. Avery decided she and Kirsten would wear their matching dresses from Easter- good idea! She told the story of how she got the doll- from Tori. It was Tori’s when she was a little girl.

* A pink unicorn- she said “this in my pink unicorn. She likes to fly.” OK, no idea where she got it from, but evidentially very important to her.

*Dogs- she brought in her set of 5 puppies in the pink carrier.

* “Blossom” from Powerpuff Girls. “She is a hero from the show Powerpuff Girls. I got her from Comicon in San Diego with my dad.”

After she presented all her items, the other students raise their hands to give sentences about her. The teacher writes them down, then each students writes a note to Avery using these sentences and draw a picture. She loves this book. She keeps reading it over and over again.

Reading the sentence the other students recited about her.

She left school on Friday with a crown and a huge smile on her face. It was “the best day this week,” for her.

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