all in good timing

Our kids haven’t had health insurance in close to 9 months. Thankfully they haven’t needed to go to the doctor- they each fought off an ear infection and their colds were just regular colds- rest and sleep cured them. No broken bones or stitches needed.

They finally got approved,-plan picked, doctors chosen. That was 1 week ago. We have been to the doctor three times already!

* Avery was complaining on and off about her ears hurting- one ear then the other. She ended up fighting both the ear infections off- no antibiotics.

* Sawyer was coughing pretty hard (making him choke and gag) and had a fever- ends up he has bronchitis. He got an antibiotic and an inhaler.

* Avery had her 6 year check up- that appointment was scheduled.

Avery getting her hearing test.

I got to know the kids’ doctor pretty well in the last few days!

I am so grateful that we didn’t have any emergencies during that 9 month period. These two are pretty healthy kids, not sick very often, but when they are, they are down for the count for a few days. All in God’s timing.

Hopefully we won’t be back to see the doctor till Sawyer’s 3 year check up in 4 months.


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