2 days

It’s been a long 2 days. Dan was gone all weekend doing nerd stuff in Washington.

Saturday I took the kids to a local Earth Day celebration at the beach. I thought it was going to be a small thing, and we’d go there then head to the beach for a few hours. It ended up being a big event and we spent the whole time there. We were there from 10:30 to 2. Then we had a birthday party at 2. We stayed till 4:30. By 4:30 I was exhausted and felt that I needed to drive home. I was worried that if I waited too much longer I wouldn’t be able to drive home. When we stay out all day, Dan is there to drive us home, so I don’t have to worry about being able to drive home. Avery wasn’t happy to leave. Since Sawyer didn’t nap on Saturday he went to bed at 6! I went to bed at 9, I was VERY tired!

Sunday wasn’t as busy. I took the kids to buy donuts, and we took them to the park to eat- we brought our own drinks. It was a really nice day, and only one other kid at the park.  Avery had a softball game at noon at the college. She played really well- hit off the pitch all three times, and played well on the field too. Right after the game we came home for Sawyer to nap. Avery showered, I picked up, we hung out….

Dan finally came home at around 6! We were all very happy to see him. Hugs all around. Dan brought home a book for each of them. He took us out for dinner and dessert.

The weekend was full and fun, but we missed Dan- a lot. Single parenting is for the birds… not for me!! I need Dan and so do the kids. This narcoleptic mom hasn’t napped in two days! I can do it!! Let me explain.

Lately I’ve been laying down for a few minutes around 3 or 4, because I am nervous that if I drive later on in the evening I’ll get drowsy and need to pull over. Even if we are home, I’ll need to go rest while the kids are playing. Avery understands and will let me go upstairs and she’ll leave me alone. Sawyer won’t let me rest. But, now I know, it’s ok, I can do it! HAZAA!

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  1. If you ever find yourself in a bind, call me!! I can drive you home or come over & watch the kids if you can’t stay up if Dan’s out of town. I’m very close by!

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