long weekend

Dan has left us for the weekend. He’s in Seattle being a nerd. He took Avery to school on Friday, ran a few errands then took off for LAX.

Friday afternoon we went to the park with a few friends. It was such a gorgeous day, we had to be outside.

Jungle girls…

After Sawyer had a (short) nap, we decided to go check the mail. When I opened the front door there were two packages waiting for us. One for each kid!! They were beyond excited. Thank you Lukas & Evan. We miss you guys. We look forward to when you are here so we can play!!

So excited- shrinky dinks, Alice socks, cool eraser, activity book & a pic of her BFF.
So excited!!

In the evening we headed out to Family Movie Night at Avery’s school. I was hesitant to go, taking both kids by myself. I was worried Sawyer would be too wild and running around. Not to worry, his noise was minimal compared to 120 kids “watching” a movie. The movie was Yogie Bear. We’d never seen it. It was cute. They had pizza, drinks, cookies, brownies and popcorn.

watching the movie with friends.

Sawyer was back and forth between where I was sitting and where the girls were sitting (a 2 foot gap). Towards the end of the movie he came over to me and I saw some blood on his leg. I looked up and his hands were drenched in blood, then I looked at his face- blood everywhere. I took him to the bathroom to clean him up. Somehow he only got a few dribbles on his shirt. He wasn’t complaining of any pain and wasn’t upset at all the blood. STRANGE! He was fine, we went back and finished the movie.

As we were leaving the girls had to jump off the wall. They just can't walk by it…

We came home and went straight to bed!

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