Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I think Dan makes the best chocolate chip pancakes and Avery agrees with me. She loved them.

I think it was her first time eating real chocolate too.

9 responses to “Chocolate Chip Pancakes”

  1. Wow! Look at her smile! You can tell how much she loves them!
    We should all get together and make/have breakfast together. Dan can make his pancakes and Randy can make something. Oh yeah- did I mention that the guys would have to cook? 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE choc. Chip pancakes!
    When I visit in August I am going to be begging Dan to make ME some too!
    I’ll trade for whatever HE likes…cookies? Cakes? You name is Dan, and I’ll make it!

  3. nice smile,
    katie has been making chocolate chip pancakes lately also, lexi is pleasantly suprised when she bites into a chocolate chip

  4. Dan will be making his world-famous chocolate chip pancakes next week at common meal. Come my to check them out.
    Michel- after we eat the chocolate chip pancakes, we clean up and then go for a walk!! And we don’t have them too often.

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