beach day

We had our first “beach day” last week. The weather was PERFECT! Avery got out of school at 12:15 and we headed straight for the sand. I took them to a cove near the harbor- very small waves and very mellow. They were both pretty excited.

fun at the beach

Avery decided to make a “museum” while we were there. She found two snails and put them into a bucket. She thought she could find more treasures in the rocks. She didn’t find anything but trash and dried up seaweed, but she spent quite a bit of time looking for something…

searching for treasures…

I have found that the best way to keep the kids busy and happy at the beach is to dig a hole. I dug Sawyer a big hole- took me 5 minutes. He jumped in the hole, threw toys in the hole and sat in the hole for a good 30 minutes.

stuck in a hole
a beautiful day…

This was the first time I took the kids to the beach by myself. If I go, I go with a group of friends and we go early, so we can leave by noon to get home to nap. We went from 12:30 to 2:30. It was glorious!! Sawyer took a really good nap when we got home. I look forward to going to the beach more this summer.

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