Swimming on Memorial Day

We spent Memorial Day relaxing. We ate tons of great food with lots of even better friends- you know making memories. The sun was shining. What more could we ask for- friends, food, warm pool, perfect weather and… a happy baby!
Dan was in the water for over 3 hours and yes, he is very PINK now. Avery loved the water too- she just kept wanting to jump in, good thing Dan was there to catch her!
Thank you Debbie for opening up your home and including us in your BBQ.

5 responses to “Swimming on Memorial Day”

  1. Avery did so well swimming! What’s the secret with little kiddies swimming, Sara? Just throw ’em in the pool at a really early age, or wait until they older and teach them how to paddle and kick?

  2. I would suggest putting kids in the water as soon as possible. Avery’s first time in the pool was at 1 month, then last summer I took her at 3 months for a while- till it got too cool. She’ll be “water safe” soon enough…

  3. Don’t let them take the batman boogy board down to the breaking waves at the age of 2. I guess when the wave comes and knocks them down it scars them for life. 😉

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