Dirty Face

Avery loves to play with the screen door. Open, go outside, close, open, come back inside… 20 minutes later… still playing with the door. Today she decided to “talk” through the door. Her face was so dirty… she looks like a chimney sweep- like in Mary Poppins!

Chim chimney, chim chimeny, chim chimc cheree…

Can’t you just see her floating with an umberella in her hand…

8 responses to “Dirty Face”

  1. before i read the post i thought she was badly bruised. so funny…the actual cause that is.

  2. Thankfully we can wash it all off.
    Can you clean a screen door? It is so gross? I guess I could take it off and spray it… what a pain.

  3. if you close the glass door you can use a soapy sponge and scrub it then hose it to rinse. you find out if your door has any leaks that way 🙂

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