children’s museum

We’ve had a membership to the local children’s museum for the last 9 months and haven’t gone- how sad. It expires in July, so we need to go as much as possible till then!

Avery’s school is having parent/teacher conferences so she got out of school at 11:30. On Thursday afternoon I decided it was so beautiful that we should head to the beach on Friday after school. I packed our bags and prepped lunch. Then on Thursday night the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened. On Friday morning we found out that the entire West Coast was put on a Tsunami watch. They even closed an elementary school that is just feet from the beach. So, needless to say, I decided that going to the beach would need to wait for another day!

I decided it was a good day to go to the children’s museum. Avery was excited, she hadn’t been in quite a while. We had the place to ourselves! We were only able to stay for just over an hour- Sawyer needed to nap.

digging for bones
Sawyer's favorite exhibit. He stood there and watched the trains go by for 20 minutes. He went and got a stool to stand on so he could see them better.
Avery used these crutches most of the time we were there. When she was putting them away, I noticed they were two different lengths!

I look forward to taking the kids more often. I was only able to take them this time because of the new medicine I am taking for my narcolepsy. Before, I didn’t like being on the road after 12:30. I drove home at 1:30!! I am so excited for the prospective of a “new” life with this medication. Prayers answered.

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