This afternoon I took Avery to her Girl Scout meeting at a local park. The plan was to have snack together then go on a hike. This park is nestled in the mountains and has some great trails to walk, run or hike. Before the hike the girls had a quick meeting, at the end of the meeting each girl picked out 3 crayons to take on the hike with them.

We picked an easy trail and started out. The leader explained that during the hike they were to look for something in nature that matched the crayons they had picked. Avery had three pink crayons! I didn’t think she’d find anything that matched her crayons, but she did!! She found a plant that had small pink buds on it.

tasting nature's food- sour grass
Sawyer liked the hike. He kept finding rocks and throwing them into the bushes.
Ella found a match for her orange crayon.
troop pictures- treasures from the hike

The girls did really well on this hike. No complaining about being tired or cold. Even Sawyer walked most of the way. He loved being out there in nature. I think we’ll have to go again, but take Dan with us.

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