Alexandre Rousseau

Alex Russeau was on one my favorite shows back in the day. She’s only 18 years old! She was on “Malcolm in the Middles,” as Cynthia a Krelboyne who went to Paris for a semester came back with big gazongas! She had a recurring role on the show. I can’t seem to find a picture of her from MITM. This is one from her movie “Children on Their Birthdays,” which was during the time she was on MITM.

2 responses to “Alexandre Rousseau”

  1. i’ve only recently discovered malcolm, but i like catching it when i do now.

    i never catch shows while they’re still in prime time!

  2. This show is hilarious. I only started watching it a few years ago and since there are two shows a night it didn’t take me long to catch up. The shows finale is comng up.
    You’ll know it’s her as soon as you see her, she is hilarious!!

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