57 steps

We’ve wanted to buy a wooden play structure for the kids for a long time, and now we have the space for it. Dan looked around for a deal and finally found one. He was so excited to build this fortress for the kids.

Dan picked it up on Friday afternoon. He organized the boxes and set out all the bags of screws and bolts- lots and lots of them! The book of instructions suggested two people work on building this for two days. He prepped as much as he could for Saturday morning. 57 long steps till it was all built…

He worked on it for 5 hours on Saturday and made a small dent in the construction of this play structure.

beginning of day 2- step 15

On Sunday I was able to help him. I prepped the pieces and hardware needed for the next step. I think I saved him some time, I hope I did!!

end of day 2

Dan added the rock climbing wall and slide!! The kids were beyond excited.  


Avery did her homework in the “secret clubhouse” this afternoon. As soon as Sawyer got up form his nap, he wanted to outside and go down the slide over and over again. So glad Dan took the time to build this awesome play structure. Come on over and play!!

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