horseback riding

Avery is “horse crazy” and has been asking to ride a horse for over a year now. We’ve looked into it, but it’s way too expensive to do it around here.

We wanted to go on a horseback riding trek on this trip, but we didn’t tell her we were thinking about it. We surprised her one morning, by taking her down the hill for some breakfast, and surprise, we ended up in front of the shack to go on a trek.

She was super excited. She wanted a black horse, like Black Beauty. We told her, we couldn’t promise anything, we’ll see. So, the horses show up, sure enough there’s a black horse!! She can’t ride that horse, it’s not good for kids. She cried and cried… Then the last horse showed up. It was a brown and white horse with a white heart on it’s butt. It was unbelievable- a heart!! She was excited to ride that horse!!

Avery riding corazon

We went on a 2 hour tour. We rode through the street, the beach and the jungle. It was fabulous!! Except that my butt hurt SO by the end.

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